As a progenitor of that specific seam of guitar noisiness and experimentation found at latitudes of 40.9006° S or less, Andrew Moon has continued to explore and mediate the relationships between the antipodean physical and audible worlds, through sound / art since the mid 1990’s.
Following 2019’s self-titled 2LP, a record that saw Moon recognised in somewhat wider realms, RST’s tenth full-length release ‘Air’ is a return to the artist’s more meditative work, revisiting delicate textures and carefully blending liquid tone sculptures to create undulating short and long-form six-string wave patterns.
A resident of Auckland’s West Coast, with ‘Air’ Moon sought to capture in sound the kinetic energy and constant momentum of natural forces, the quiet/loud awe and intensity of elemental places. Physical landscapes exist in sound throughout the album, the light reflecting from the black sand found at Muriwai, the sway of harestail grasses, a weight of ocean waves changing the contour of the foreshore.
As a collection of recordings pieced together over a period of solitude, both chosen and enforced, ‘Air’ makes sonic reference to the process of self-reflection, but also digs deep to celebrate the resonances of a sense of place.
By listening to the quietness of air and the movement of space, on ‘Air’ RST feeds you back with an electrified aural immersion, uniquely suitable for your next floatation tank altered state, or dog walk on the beach.

Mixed and mastered by James Plotkin > @plotkinworks
Art by Kevin Gan Yuen > @viraloptic