The Immortal Samsara Travelers Hanging Gardens in Glacial Apocha CD


Agartha will rise from the burning soil, made of electricity and obsidian.

The Immortal Samsara Travelers is an ever changing, ever revolving idea, philosophy and primarily musical ensemble of cultural and sonic prophets. Adopting primarily the aesthetics of heavy, frequential drone music, analog synthesizers, shamanic chants and traditional eastern instrumentation with heavy distorted amplified guitar. Creating a sense of urgency in loud meditation.

Originating from the mind of psych wizard Stanley Christiaensen (Polymelia) envisioning a project that would carry out the soundtrack to the inevitable societal shift to a more sustainable and logical evolutionary step forward in the development of the human species. Gathering knowledge of lost civilizations, ancient occult and spiritual practices to make the leap from homo-sapien to homo-sensibilis. The sensible, highly intelligent, highly empathic and highly skilled superhuman, who will combine Buddhist methods of compassion and being with futuristic scientific breakthroughs melding magic, architecture and the unmistakeable power of the mind into crafting a post homo-sapien new Babylon. Full of hanging gardens, brutalist buildings, space trade and an absolute disdain for war and strife.

In late 2020 Stanley Christiaensen tapped American drone metal guitarist Robert Halloran to start working on the sonic landscape for this future utopia, while also thinking about the future of drone metal. Where would they like to see it go from what has already been done? Melding palpable synthesizers, and even subtle influences from psytrance and hardcore dance music into the unfamiliar territory of amplifier worship. After two years of hard and dedicated work the first manifesto was birthed, supported by the magnificent artwork by Hervé Scott Flament, the optical and the aural were in place.

"This 60-minute collaboration between Stanley Christiaensen and Robert Halloran has the requisite long-held power chords but also employs synth, percussion, weird vocalizations, and noisy interludes of free improv. Some of the latter is rather quiet, with bells and static fading below the threshold of hearing with only a bassy rumble remaining. But the distorted and feedback-laden passages are compelling and exhibit a sense of spaciousness – maybe even psychedelia – rather than just crushing overdrive." – AMN Reviews

Stanley Christiaensen: Analog synths, Vocals, Gongs, Bells, Tanpura, Percussion, Tibetan horn
Robert Halloran: Amplified guitar, Amplified bass

Mastered by James Plotkin.

Artwork by Hervé Scott Flament (front cover) and Scott Move (back cover). Typography by Stephen Wilson.

Packaged in a full color replica LP sleeve.

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