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Rat Licker Distortion Pedal


To celebrate a decade of collaboration between Utech Records and Dead Neanderthals, they have teamed up with IdiotBox Effects to bring to life the Rat Licker custom distortion pedal. Conjured from the minds of Dead Neanderthals, elegantly designed and hand wired by Matt Shea at IdiotBox Effects and released by Utech Records, Rat Licker is a single-knob pedal based on the classic RAT circuit and inspired by the filthy, distortion-drenched sound of Dead Neanderthals Blood Rite EP.

Rat Licker allows you to add distortion incrementally to your input signal. The footswitch turns the pedal on and off and the knob controls the blend. That’s it.

Housed in a white powder coated 1590B enclosure with black imprint, Rat Licker features true bypass switching, soft-click footswitch and 18mm anodized aluminum Obelisk knob. Inside are LM308 and TL072 chips and a sleek, custom PCB with three trimpots (Distortion/Filter/Volume) to personalize the distortion and one trimpot (Direct) to boost the input signal. Center negative 2.1mm BOSS style power input. Current draw 6.5mA.

Distortion levels are set to KILL right out of the box.
Direct is set slightly above unity.

RAT aficionados will know the counterclockwise turning knob is a subtle reference to the “wrong way” Filter knob on the RAT.

Art by Pierre de Palmas of De Plasma Industries.

Rat Licker is not affiliated with or endorsed by ProCo.
RAT is a registered trademark of ACT Entertainment.

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