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Locrian Obsidian Facades Analog Delay Pedal

  • Locrian Obsidian Facades Analog Delay Pedal
  • Locrian Obsidian Facades Analog Delay Pedal

The Crystal World is considered by many to be Locrian’s masterpiece. The album proved to be the perfect storm of creative forces between the band, Utech Records and artist Justin Bartlett.

In reverence to The Crystal World's legacy, Utech Records and Locrian have partnered with Earburst Audio to develop the Obsidian Facades analog delay pedal. Designed and hand wired by Alex Castro at Earburst Audio and released by Utech Records, Obsidian Facades is a custom pedal inspired by the deep, expressive sound of the album.

Housed in a black textured 1590BB enclosure with white UV imprint, Obsidian Facades features true bypass switching, a soft-click footswitch, a momentary footswitch and 12.5mm anodized aluminum knobs. Inside, a PT2399 digital integrated circuit provides a true analog signal path that gives a warm low end filter to the overall delay repeats. The chip degrades in sound the more you push the time, so the repeats get distorted into oscillation. Two internal trimpots customize RAMP and GAIN. A third trimpot dims the brightness of the external LED. MIX / REPEAT / TIME / LAG knobs and a toggle for an LDR sensor offer exponential opportunities for unique, rich sound. The left footswitch powers ON/OFF and the right footswitch changes the oscillation. Obsidian Facades is completed with top mounted IN/OUT jacks, a center negative 2.1mm BOSS style power input and a CV input.