Dead Neanderthals Ghosts LP



Ghosts is the fourth Utech Records release from Dutch duo Dead Neanderthals – Otto Kokke, sax; René Aquarius, drums – and one of their most adventurous and extreme records to date. Consisting of two side-long tracks, Ghosts is a collaboration with guitarist Scott Hedrick of US metal band Skeletonwitch.

The music is intense from the outset, with Aquarius’ relentless drumming pounding away beneath multiple layers of eerie drone that could be guitars, synths, or some entirely unknown sound. When Kokke’s unsettling sax is combined with Hedrick’s tremolo-heavy guitar and haunted harmonies, the music becomes an unholy amalgam.

Dead Neanderthals fans have gotten used to hearing something different from them every time. Still, no matter what you’ve come to expect from Dead Neanderthals, Ghosts will excite and reward you.

The cover art for Ghosts was created by Pierre Schmidt aka drømsjel, a digital collage artist and illustrator living and working in Berlin, Germany. Schmidt also created art for the Gaga: Five Foot Two documentary film.

Scott Hedrick - guitar, piano
Otto Kokke - saxophone
René Aquarius - drums

Art by Pierre Schmidt
Typography by Jamie Lawson

Ghosts was written by Dead Neanderthals
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink, White Noise Studio
Guitar and piano recorded in Los Angeles.

Translucent red-orange/black swirl 180g LP limited to 150 copies in a heavy offset sleeve.
Translucent teal/black smoke 180g LP limited to 150 copies in a heavy offset sleeve.
Art by Pierre Schmidt >

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